About Us


The University of Maryland’s ARLIS is a University Affiliated Research Center (UARC) sponsored by the OUSD(I&S) and has a mission to serve the broader needs of the U.S. government community on matters related to intelligence and security. Consistent with that mission, ARLIS, in partnership with the IPA, will serve as the hosts and organizers of the new Phoenix Challenge conference series [with input/oversight from OSD and the Joint Staff].

Find out more at https://www.arlis.umd.edu/phoenix-challenge-2022-information-advantage-and-cognitive-security-workshop-series.

Information Professionals Association

The mission of IPA is to provide a forum for information professionals to interact, collaborate, and develop solutions that enhance the cognitive security of the US and our friends and allies. The IPA serves as the nexus for information professionals interested in the application of soft and hard science, advanced analytics, and innovative technologies to advance security, prosperity, shared values, and international order through the free flow of ideas and information.

Find out more at https://information-professionals.org/.